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Protect your IoT system with a few lines of code

Your IoT device may be exposed to security threats. This allows hackers to break into your device, and then to your local network, from where they can access your private data or attack other devices.
Here we present a simple solution for HTTP-running IoT devices that helps you detect possible DoS attacks.

5 Low Power Wi-Fi modules for your IoT project

Wanna develop an IoT project that uses Wi-Fi? Here’s a list of five low-power-consumption Wi-Fi modules. Check it out!

Create an IVR in Asterisk using Java

Quick guide to create a custom IVR in an Asterisk PBX

Pattern detection with the camera | Detección de patrones con la cámara

(— Español al final —) Multi pattern detection project This time I’m presenting a software developed with my team for the Butiá project, which is a plugin for TurtleBlocks for pattern recognition using the XO camera (for example, traffic signs)…. Continue Reading →

Simon says game in BeagleBoard SBC

Introduction In my last post about GPIO and LEDs in lua I wrote about a nice feature in Linux when working on embedded systems, such as the possibility to access hardware devices using the file system. In this post I’ll be using… Continue Reading →

GPIO and LEDs in Linux and lua

Hi all, In my previous posts I wrote about my development in Java, but this time I’ll talk about other area I’m working on, robotics. This time I’ll talk about some basics, managing General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) and LEDs… Continue Reading →


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