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Easy creation of a new Node + React project

Starting a new project is something everybody loves to do. However, there are some steps which are always the same for every project. We decided to do something about that, and after a little thinking we came up with the… Continue Reading →

Angular Workshop @ Kreitech

Learning Angular @ Kreitech Here at Kreitech, we have a strong conviction that unified teams improve overall performance and work life quality. That’s why we try to share everything, and this time isn’t the exception. After working with Angular in… Continue Reading →

Learning SCRUM with LEGOS

In Kreitech we know about Scrum and we apply it in many of our projects, which gives us very positive results, such as better bonding with our client and team, and having a predefined process to manage change in the… Continue Reading →

Lua real multithreading using Lanes and Linda

Introduction In this post I’ll share my first impression and thoughts about developing mulithreaded applications in lua. When developing in lua you may have realized that there is no such thing as multithreading, but there is a concept that is… Continue Reading →

Memcached vs DB Cache Comparison

Today I’m going to talk about some performance considerations about web applications and the advantages of having a memory cache. Introduction As noted in my previous memcached post, for most applications, there is some data that can be cached in a… Continue Reading →

Memcached and SpyMemcached

Memcached and SpyMemcached Hi all, today I’m going to write about Memcached, which I’ve been using for a while now. Memcached ( ) is a free and open source memory object caching system, which also has a DB integrated version called… Continue Reading →

Create a Jump menu with Niceforms

I’ve been trying out niceforms.js, a javascript api for web forms customization created by Thomas Watson. Thanks to him forms look much nicer now 🙂 You can download it and see an intro on how to use it here: I used… Continue Reading →


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