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Using LdapExtLoginModule with JaasSecurityDomain (securing passwords)

In my last post I wrote about how to connect a JBoss to LDAP defining an LdapExtLoginModule. Clearly, as suggested by the comment of Terry, the password in the xml is in plain text. In this post I’ll explain how to… Continue Reading →

Authenticate JBoss application using JAAS and LDAP

Easy way to connect your JBoss AS to a LDAP server to allow applications interact with it.

Search LDAP from Java

Connect to a LDAP server and perform a search by applying filters.

Pattern detection with the camera | Detección de patrones con la cámara

(— Español al final —) Multi pattern detection project This time I’m presenting a software developed with my team for the Butiá project, which is a plugin for TurtleBlocks for pattern recognition using the XO camera (for example, traffic signs)…. Continue Reading →

Access EJB 3.0 in JBoss 5, from JBoss 4 – java.lang.ClassCastException

If you are in a process of migrating JBoss servers you may sometimes need to deploy an EAR in a newer server, while having othres in the older servers, and keep the integration between the apps. I faced this issue… Continue Reading →

Lua real multithreading using Lanes and Linda

Introduction In this post I’ll share my first impression and thoughts about developing mulithreaded applications in lua. When developing in lua you may have realized that there is no such thing as multithreading, but there is a concept that is… Continue Reading →

Simon says game in BeagleBoard SBC

Introduction In my last post about GPIO and LEDs in lua I wrote about a nice feature in Linux when working on embedded systems, such as the possibility to access hardware devices using the file system. In this post I’ll be using… Continue Reading →

GPIO and LEDs in Linux and lua

Hi all, In my previous posts I wrote about my development in Java, but this time I’ll talk about other area I’m working on, robotics. This time I’ll talk about some basics, managing General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) and LEDs… Continue Reading →

Getting started with AOP in JBoss 5.1 with a simple example

Introduction I am writing this post since it took me a while to configure and run my first AOP example in a JBoss application, but I must say after spending some time, I realized it is quite easy, I just… Continue Reading →

Memcached vs DB Cache Comparison

Today I’m going to talk about some performance considerations about web applications and the advantages of having a memory cache. Introduction As noted in my previous memcached post, for most applications, there is some data that can be cached in a… Continue Reading →

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