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Memcached and SpyMemcached

Memcached and SpyMemcached Hi all, today I’m going to write about Memcached, which I’ve been using for a while now. Memcached ( ) is a free and open source memory object caching system, which also has a DB integrated version called… Continue Reading →

Enabling SOAP request validation in JBOSS 5.0 using JAX-WS

By default, JBoss JAX-WS Web services doesn’t validate SOAP requests for a valid xml or schema. This is by default in order to prevent performance overhead. This may turn into a problem when developing the web service, since a required… Continue Reading →

JBOSS EAP 5.0 – JAX-WS – Excessive logging when soap faults are thrown

Developing web services with JAX-WS is very quick and versatile, becoming very easy to create a simple web service and quickly adding complexity like more methods, complex datatypes, validation, custom application faults, etc. In this example I am using JBOSS… Continue Reading →

Create a Jump menu with Niceforms

I’ve been trying out niceforms.js, a javascript api for web forms customization created by Thomas Watson. Thanks to him forms look much nicer now 🙂 You can download it and see an intro on how to use it here: I used… Continue Reading →

Eclipse – Debug java program without source code – jd-eclipse and realignment

Hi all, I have been trying to debug java programs without having the source code (having only the jar files with .class). The main goal of this task was to be able to debug through .class files and being able… Continue Reading →

Disable response schema validation CXF on JBoss 7.1

JBoss 7.1 ships with a new framework for Web services from Apache, called CXF. This framework, when consuming SOAP web services, validates by default all responses against the provided wsdl. Sometimes that behavior is not required because of several reasons…. Continue Reading →

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