Web application and mobile app for an event platform.


Acceso Facil is a platform that innovatively manages events with a web application and a mobile app. The web fully manages the events, allowing the creation of micro-sites for personalized events, running sales, and generating entries, access control through NFC or QR, among other functionalities. The app works as an access entry control, communicating with printers, and reading RFID cards up to QR codes. Although at the beginning this development was thought for Uruguay, our client has already landed in Spain and Paraguay. Acceso Facil had achieved initial funding from the ANII (government innovation agency in Uruguay) and then internationalized in Paraguay and Spain.

The project
What we did

The challenge

The challenge in this project was to develop access controls using NFC. Another request was to develop an automatic site generator. But we can't fail to mention that, at the time of generating the invitations, a sophisticated participant control system was developed, taking special care with the handling of the emails, being able to identify and act against rejected emails, sent to spam and deleted.

The solution

Acceso Facil now uses several technologies such as Android for the mobile app and PHP YII (PHP framework) for the web platform. It has real-time control panels, participant tracking, draws, and defines auxiliary elements of the event, such as video wall screens, raffles, trivia, shows, etc.

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