Renal health software management system for health centers.


Renalic is health software. For this client, we have developed a management system for health centers, specifically dialysis centers: an application that maintains the nephrological history of patients and allows the generation of appointments treatments of patients, among other functionalities.
The main idea is to cover all treatments Polyclinic, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Kidney Transplants. This platform works in differents centers in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

The project
What we did

The challenge

We came to join a development team that was already working, and we had learned all the health background. The incursion in the specialized medical field was fascinating. We learned a lot about terminology and information exchange standards, such as HL7.

The solution

Technologically we worked with Ruby & Rails and MySQL in the improvement of the API, and a frontend developed in Angular. We automatize different processes in the deploy cycle to improve it and make the tasks involved more quickly. He had a lot of work to transform the software to made it more performant.

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