An app with a wireless device to connect with cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.


We finally achieved to create our own product! A silent alarm for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Sekreta is an app that has a wireless device that requires no installation and has long battery life. The device communicates with the application through the internet, indicating whether the vehicle has been moved, collided, or has a broken window. In case of theft, the device reports its location, which will allow you to locate it on the map of the application.

The project
What we did

The challenge

It is a spin-off of Kreitech as the first product, and we are enjoying the experience of being entrepreneurs in our flesh. Everything has been very motivating for the team!

The solution

We are focusing on the improvement of the device from the electronic point of view.
To fulfill this role is a fascinating experience, and we think that it strengthens our ability to help our future clients from a new perspective as entrepreneurs.

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