A platform that simplifies the process of buying food in school canteens and companies.


We have developed a platform that simplifies the process of buying food in the canteens of schools or companies. The application provides several benefits in multiple aspects.

For children: It reduces the use of cash and avoids queues at the time of buying the food, enabling the child to choose quickly.
For parents: They can charge money in an online card and with automatic accreditation. Parents can set monthly, weekly, and even daily limits for their kids. The delivery of cash avoids physical currency, charging the money in the Todopagos account, and giving you exact control over what your child spends.
For companies: It Allows businesses to keep an account for their employees, and to make a monthly debit to each employee from the payroll.
For directors: eliminates the daily payment for your meal, receives a single monthly discount on your salary, eliminates the use of cash.

For this project, our client has received funds from ANII (government innovation agency in Uruguay).

The project
What we did

The challenge

This development required the management of the different components, administrative backend of the app, mobile frontend, web frontend for canteen, and also for the administration of the school/company. That is an ecosystem of many parties to realize that they must work in an integrated manner.

The solution

The entire infrastructure runs on AWS, monitored with New Relic, integrated with Slack, and also Jenkins (continuous integration platform). We used several technologies such as Ruby & Rails, Angular, iOS.

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