Real estate software to control the state of the properties.


TUCASAOK inspects new properties so that you receive them in perfect condition and can enforce the guarantees associated with your purchase.
They have an Android app (developed in Java), used on tablets, where the inspector enters all the flaws detected by section of the house, previously defined. With its backend developed in Rails, the administrators load the required information of each inspection to be carried out.

Our client has obtained funds from CORFO in Chile (Startup Chile).

The project
What we did

The challenge

The development and maintenance of the system had several challenges:

- Inherit an already developed system, which had several failures, which were addressed for the application to run.

- Add Analytics and tracking to analyze errors and system failures, since the system is used remotely (Chile) and the team is in Uruguay, it is necessary to include these tools, to detect and be able to solve the detected errors effectively.

It was particularly interesting to develop some of the functionalities in this app, for instance, uploading the home plan on the web and at the moment that the TUCASAOK inspector makes a certification visit, allowing annotations on the project itself (in the mobile application).

The solution

Through this application, TUCASAOK intervenes and collaborates in the Real State process. They offer the inspection of new houses to control that they are in the right infrastructure conditions: electricity, paint, water, absence of humidity, among others. In short, it is a tool for the buyer to ensure that a third party certifies the status of the property that is about to sell.

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