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Protect your IoT system with a few lines of code

Your IoT device may be exposed to security threats. This allows hackers to break into your device, and then to your local network, from where they can access your private data or attack other devices.
Here we present a simple solution for HTTP-running IoT devices that helps you detect possible DoS attacks.

5 Low Power Wi-Fi modules for your IoT project

Wanna develop an IoT project that uses Wi-Fi? Here’s a list of five low-power-consumption Wi-Fi modules. Check it out!

Create an IVR in Asterisk using Java

Quick guide to create a custom IVR in an Asterisk PBX

Run JBoss AS 7 as a service in Ubuntu

Tired of opening a console each time you want to run JBoss? This step-by-step guide will show you how to install JBoss AS 7 as a system service, so it will start with the OS automatically.

How to use Log4J in ejb module in Jboss7.1

Learn how to add Log4J support for an ejb module and take advantage of its features.

Using LdapExtLoginModule with JaasSecurityDomain (securing passwords)

In my last post I wrote about how to connect a JBoss to LDAP defining an LdapExtLoginModule. Clearly, as suggested by the comment of Terry, the password in the xml is in plain text. In this post I’ll explain how to… Continue Reading →

Authenticate JBoss application using JAAS and LDAP

Easy way to connect your JBoss AS to a LDAP server to allow applications interact with it.

Search LDAP from Java

Connect to a LDAP server and perform a search by applying filters.

Pattern detection with the camera | Detección de patrones con la cámara

(— Español al final —) Multi pattern detection project This time I’m presenting a software developed with my team for the Butiá project, which is a plugin for TurtleBlocks for pattern recognition using the XO camera (for example, traffic signs)…. Continue Reading →

Access EJB 3.0 in JBoss 5, from JBoss 4 – java.lang.ClassCastException

If you are in a process of migrating JBoss servers you may sometimes need to deploy an EAR in a newer server, while having othres in the older servers, and keep the integration between the apps. I faced this issue… Continue Reading →

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